Let's turn your valleys into summits.


While the idea is "metaphorically beautiful", we get it. Life's valleys can suck!

Take courage. Believe. Be assured. Stay open. And you will summit.

There is purpose in your pain. Strength in your struggle.


"You can't stay on the summit forever.

You have to come down again.

So why bother in the first place? Just this: 

One climbs, one sees. One descends, one no longer sees, but has seen.

"There is an art of conducting oneself in the lower regions by the memory of what one saw higher up. When one can no longer see, one can at least still know.”


 |  Rene Daumal  | 






Do distressful thoughts and feelings have a grip on you or someone you care for? Sometimes we get stuck. It's normal. But if daily tasks and relationships have become a struggle , exploring the matter early can cutoff additional challenges.

Receive assistance with:

  • Anxiety and Traumatic Stress

  • Depression

  • ADHD – adult & child

  • Relationship issues



There is hope! Many are thriving in their new recovery lifestyle. But they had to get smarter than the problem. Trying to "fix things" with an impaired mind is like boxing a heavy weight - blindfolded. Eek. Creating and living a personalized relapse prevention plan AND addressing underlying issues cultivates hope, healing, and recovery (not just sobriety). 

  • Chemical Dependence: drug, alcohol   

  • Process Dependence: food, pornography, sex, technology/device



You have a dream. You know you can do it.  You can feel it. But first you must overcome what is holding you back. A hallmark of high performers is that they seek accountability. We offer highly structured short and long-term coaching. 



We are passionate about prevention and that means applied education.  

"True doctrine (a set of beliefs), understood, changes attitudes and behavior." Boyd Packer


"Problems cannot be solved by the level of awareness that created them." Einstein 



I was on a plane flying to Arizona...


... when I became acquainted with the friendly lady next to me. She shared a struggle she was having with her daughter. I listened. And conversation naturally shifted to another topic...

A moment later, I said to her, "When I was 22 years old, I was put in a position of leadership and felt concerned how my weaknesses were hindering my service to those placed in my care. The solution came weeks later while attending a class. And what I learned that day lit a deep passion in me about human potential and development."

"It helped me see myself, others, and the future in a fresh, accepting, and hopeful way. For the first time in awhile I was able to relax, and feel like I was okay. This perspective shift brought remarkable peace and self acceptance, which gave me footing to get 'unstuck'! Can share with you what I taught?" 

She paused and then said, "Ummm....No thanks..." 

(She didn't actually say that, but wouldn't have been awesome! Want want waaaah!)

"...Sure." she replied, leaning forward, her eyes locked on mine.

With paper and pen, we transformed this airplane cabin into a lab where we explored how the challenge with her daughter fit into the formula that brought me so much peace and power.

At one point, with a smile of hope and relief, she said, "This is great! It's like you are my therapist or something!" 

And that's when I knew I needed to change my career path. And I did.

This lady faced the mountain between her and her daughter with openness, honesty, humility, courage, and vulnerability. She inspired me and she was filled with hope.

What About You?


What are your current mountains? You are here because something in your life is off. Being here proves you have the courage it takes break free, reach out, and develop.


Some never make the leap. Many others are now experiencing more peace, confidence, connection and progress then they thought was EVER possible because, like you are doing now, they took ownership. 

Hi, my name is Joel Nielson and I love what I do.


I help strong individuals overcome real personal challenges so they can feel connected, fulfilled and keep growing. We do this through an intentional step-by-step process of spiritual, emotional, and biological exploration and character development. There are ah-ha moments, strengths are rediscovered, plans are made... healing happens. It's wonderful!  

My personal experience, gifts and interests led me to become a master level Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and National Certified Counselor (NCC). I work from a trauma informed, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy theoretical orientation. 

I believe in: ​

  • Your Spirituality - you have a body and emotions, but you are the thinker behind them

  • Your Resilience - you are designed spiritually, emotional, and biologically to overcome scars

  • Your Strengths -  you have gifts people badly need that only you can give

  • Your Autonomy - you are the expert of you, so we work from your goals and values

  • Your Purpose - you are meant to give in a unique way

  • Solution Focus - what you focus on grows

  • Balance - you are a system of systems that all need    

  • Progress Mindset - climbing the ladder one rung at a time 

  • Humor - accepting and laughing creates footing and prevents making hard things harder

  • Healthy Need Fulfillment - understand inner currents so you can ride them productively

  • 12 Step - proven by time and results, these steps open the door to the tools of healing

  • Work - Essential to becoming 

  • Service - choosing give proves your worth, creates joy, and restores perspective​​




1002 Blaine St. Caldwell, ID 83607

Home & Work place session may be available as well. 


Cannot come in for some reason?

We offer Telehealth counseling. HIPAA Secure Online Video Conferencing. It's a great option for busy professionals or when sickness hits. 


Tel: 208-290-0075​





To schedule a Phone Consult, CALL/Text 208-290-0075.





What you'll know after our 20 minute consultation...

Let's make FINDING THE RIGHT COUNSELOR easier for you than it was for me.

You probably have questions. Let's get them answered. An intentional and informed start means better and quicker results for you. 


We'll discuss:


  • What you are experiencing

  • If working together is a good fit and why 

  • Who might be a better fit instead

  • What you can expect moving forward



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